How To Contact Melvyn

"I hope that you will now have an idea of the work that I do, and whether or not you would be interested in knowing more. At the very least I hope that one or more of the links has excited your interest, and perhaps helped you on your journey" - Melvyn.

You can contact Melvyn by emailing him at or writing to him at Melbourne Addiction Recovery Service, PO Box 478, Belgrave, Victoria 3160, Australia.

If you would like to speak to Melvyn on the telephone please include the best times to do this, and say if any care has to be taken if someone else answers the phone. If no-one answers when he rings please advise if a message can be left, or not.

If you live outside the Melbourne area, that is, anywhere in Australia or the rest of the world, and would still like counselling, then please contact Melvyn with a view to doing this by Skype. Whilst counselling face to face is preferable, there is no doubt that Skype can be an effective counselling medium. English is the language used by Melvyn, but he is willing to work through an interpreter if necessary.

For emergency help do call your local help line - in Australia this is LifeLine at 13 11 14

Other resources in Australia are at

and finally.....

- if you ever feel like giving up - just remember this -

.... so let go.....and be true to yourself ......cheers.......Melvyn