"It could be that these links are the most important part of this website. They are all links to resouces that have been helpful to me at some time in the past. Some of the links will contradict other links, and some of the links only have one or two things that have been helpful to me. No matter. Some links are to well-known people, others are to those who are little known. I think they are all worth exploring, remembering that recovery is a journey and an adventure that only has two rules - let go and be yourself." - Melvyn

Al-Anon Family Groups
Alcoholics Anonymous
Ellen Bass
Steve Biddulph
Claudia Black
Robert Bly
John Bradshaw
Julia Cameron
Joseph Campbell
Patrick Carnes
Laura Davis
Tian Dayton
Emotions Anonymous
Families Anonymous
Katie Hetter
Sandra J Hocking
Mic Hunter
Susan Forward
Kahlil Gibran
Jerry Gray
Paul Hauck
Hazelden Foundation
Charlotte Kasl
Sam Keen
John Lee
Harriet Lerner
Pia Melody
Earnie Larsen
Lane Lasater
Mike Lew
Alice Miller
Shelley Marshall
William Hutchison Murray
Craig Nakken
Narcotics Anonymous
Patricia Nolan/Mark Pearson
Robin Norwood
Margaret Paul
Allan & Barbara Pease
Stanton Peele
William Pollack
John Pollard
Lewis F Presnall
Mike Rowland
Peter Rutter
Verna Salmon
Virginia Satir
Anne Wilson Schaef
Jennifer Schneider
Sex Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Gloria Steinem
Gregory Stock
Survivors of Incest Anonymous
Harry Tiebout
Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse
Janet Woititz
Ernest Wood
Howard Young
Concorde Media


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"Until we learn to respect all of life, we will never learn to respect each other" - Melvyn


12/21/2012 11:06:10 AM

At the age of 19 Melvyn was thrown head first through the front window of a car which had just been driven into a lamp-post at speed by a very drunk driver. Melvyn was in uniform and his navy cap saved his head from serious injury (HMS Caesar Geelong 1961). Here is what happened to another 19 year old Melvyn –